What Hollywood Gets Wrong – and Right – About Bears

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What Hollywood Gets Wrong – and Right – About Bears

Have you seen Cocaine Bear, the latest movie to hit theaters by director Elizabeth Banks? The film is getting tons of press and making bank at the box office. This is partly due to the idea that it’s very loosely based on the tragic true story of a Georgia bear who consumed cocaine dumped by a drug smuggler in 1985. While it’s grabbed America’s attention, it’s certainly not the first Hollywood blockbuster to capitalize on our curiosity about bears. From The Revenant to Paddington, Hollywood loves to feature our bruin friends in their stories. And while most of what is portrayed about bears in the movies is far from the truth, there is one thing that they do get right. Here’s what you should know.

Wrong: Bears are always aggressive and dangerous

While it's true that bears can be dangerous, they are not always aggressive toward humans. In fact, most bears will avoid humans if they can. Many movies depict bears as relentless killers that will go out of their way to attack humans, but this is not accurate.

Wrong: All bears are the same

Hollywood often portrays bears as a generic species, without acknowledging the fact that there are several different types of bears. For example, polar bears have different habits and behaviors than grizzly bears or black bears.

Wrong: Bears are only found in the wilderness

Many movies depict bears as creatures that can only be found in the deepest, most remote forests or mountains. While it's true that bears are more commonly found in these areas, they can also be found in suburban or urban environments.

Wrong: Bears are always solitary creatures

While it's true that some bear species are solitary, others, like brown bears, can be quite social. Movies often depict bears as solitary creatures, but this is not always the case.

Wrong: Bears are easy to domesticate

Movies like Paddington may make it seem like bears are easy to train and domesticate, but this is far from the truth. Bears are wild animals and should never be kept as pets or used for entertainment purposes.

Right: Bears will eat just about anything

While Hollywood mostly gets it wrong about bear behavior, there is one thing they do get right. Bears will eat just about anything, including human food and garbage (or in the case of Cocaine Bear, sweet-smelling drugs). In fact, bears can easily become accustomed to those free meals, which can be dangerous for both people and bears. That’s why it’s so important to never intentionally feed bears and to dispose of trash in bear-proof containers. BearSaver is the #1 choice of bear-proof trash cans, recycle bins, and food storage lockers in the nation. We offer more than 75 different bear-proof containers so you’re sure to find exactly what you need to keep you and our bruin friends safe.

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