Black Bear Populations Are on the Rise – Do You Know What to Do?

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Black Bear Populations Are on the Rise – Do You Know What to Do?

If you live in Connecticut, then you’re probably aware that bear populations are on the rise. Now that much of the state’s landscape is forested, it’s providing an excellent habitat for black bears. In fact, the number of black bears living in Connecticut has rapidly increased in the last 20 years and is predicted to continue to rise. But it’s not just Connecticut that is seeing this happen. Black bear numbers are increasing in other states, too, such as Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, and Missouri, among others. More black bears mean more interactions with humans. If you live in an area with increasing black bear populations, do you know what to do?

Understand bear behavior

First, it is important to understand black bear behavior and how to identify a bear. Black bears are generally shy and will avoid humans if given the opportunity. However, bears that have become accustomed to humans or have learned to associate humans with food can become a safety concern. Bears that are aggressive or show little fear of humans may need to be removed from the area for the safety of both bears and humans.

Know how to handle encounters in the wild

If you encounter a black bear while hiking or camping, it is important to make noise and let the bear know you are there. This can be done by talking, singing, or clapping your hands. This will give the bear a chance to avoid you. If a bear does not see you or hear you and comes too close, slowly back away while facing the bear. Do not run, as this can trigger the bear's chase instinct. If a bear charges, stand your ground and use pepper spray if you have it.

Know how to handle encounters at home

If you encounter a bear in your yard, make loud noises and try to scare it away by shouting, banging pots and pans, or using an air horn. Do not approach the bear or offer it food. If the bear does not leave, stay indoors or in your vehicle until it leaves the area.

Remove attractants

To avoid attracting bears to your property, it is essential to properly store and dispose of trash, clean grills and outdoor cooking equipment, and avoid feeding birds or other wildlife. It is also important to keep food, toiletries, and other items with strong odors in bear-proof containers or in a secure location. Fortunately, BearSaver has everything you need to remove attractants from your yard or campsite. We have more than 75 different bear-proof trash cans, bear-proof recycling bins, and bear-proof food storage lockers to help keep you safe in bear country.

Contact BearSaver today

BearSaver is the nation’s #1 choice for bear-proof containers. If bears are becoming more numerous in your area, then it’s time to be proactive. Contact us at 800-851-3887 or Our Customer Service Representatives are standing by to help you determine which bear-proof containers are best suited to your needs. Remember – if you live in bear country, then you must always be Bear Aware. Contact us today!

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