BearSaver Helps You Peacefully Coexist With Bears

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BearSaver Helps You Peacefully Coexist With Bears

Here at BearSaver, we emphasize being Bear Aware. When you live in bear country, you need to understand bear behavior so that you can avoid unwanted bear encounters. Bears are very active this time of year as they prepare for hibernation. They are searching out food more than ever to pack on weight for the coming winter. They also have an excellent sense of smell that can easily lead them into dangerous situations with humans. When we know how bears behave and what attracts them, we can do a better job of removing those attractants. Here’s what you should know to help you peacefully coexist with bears in your community.

Top tips to peacefully coexist with bears

When you live in bear country, it’s essential to learn how to peacefully coexist with your bear neighbors. This helps to keep both you and the bears in your neighborhood safe. Essentially, you want to keep human food away from bears, discourage bears from interacting with people, and avoid encounters with bears. You can do this by:

  • Keeping garbage and recyclables safely locked away in bear-resistant receptacles or in a locked garage or shed.
  • Keeping compost in bear-resistant containers.
  • Protecting beehives and chicken coops with electric fencing.
  • Keeping pet food inside.
  • Cleaning grills after each use and storing them inside a garage or shed.
  • Harvesting ripe fruit regularly and promptly.
  • Keeping bird feeders out only in winter.
  • Storing food in bear-proof lockers when camping.
  • Making noise when hiking to scare off bears.

What to do if you encounter a bear

Even when you are diligent, you may still have a chance encounter with a bear. If you do encounter a bear, then follow these tips to stay safe:

  • If the bear hasn’t seen you, stay calm and back away slowly. Talk loudly so the bear is aware you are there.
  • If the bear has seen you, back away slowly while facing the bear and give the bear room to escape. If you have children or pets with you, pick them up so they don’t panic and run.
  • Don't run as this may make the bear chase and attack you.
  • Make yourself look larger and more dangerous by opening your coat, standing tall, and yelling.
  • If a bear attacks you, fight back with any object you have available.
  • If you see an aggressive bear, then report it immediately to the police, sheriff’s office, or the local Department of Fish and Game.

Keep bears out of your trash with BearSaver

BearSaver is the first choice in quality when it comes to bear-proof residential and commercial trash cans and recycle bins. When you’re in need of bear-proof trash cans or bear-proof food storage lockers, we are the country’s #1 choice. We have worked with bear experts and wildlife biologists to design and manufacture the best bear-proof receptacles on the market. BearSaver offers a wide variety of products for applications both big and small. We can also customize bear-proof containers to meet your needs!

Contact BearSaver today

Would you like to learn more about how you can peacefully coexist with bears by securing your trash and recyclables with BearSaver products? Then contact us at 800-851-3887 or Our Customer Service Representatives are standing by to answer your questions. Contact us today!

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