What Does “Bear-Proof” Actually Mean?

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What Does “Bear-Proof” Actually Mean?

If you live in bear country, then you’re no doubt aware of the need to “bear-proof” your home or business. You probably also know that bears are incredibly smart, clever, and determined creatures who can outsmart a human when put to the test. So what does “bear-proof” actually mean, and is it possible to bear-proof your surroundings? Let’s take a closer look at this sometimes confusing phrase.

Bear-proof vs. bear-resistant

Here at BearSaver, we’ve spent more than a decade working with wildlife biologists and bear specialists to create bear-proof containers for residential and commercial applications. During that time, we’ve come to understand that bear-proof generally means bear-resistant. Even the most bear-proof containers are only bear-resistant if not used properly. Hungry bears can be crafty, so it’s important to understand that they’ll go the extra mile for a good meal if they need to. That’s why BearSaver has paired our knowledge of bear behavior with our expertise in making heavy-duty steel enclosures. Our products are made to last and easy to use, making it simple to eliminate bear attractants. 

Bear-proof includes much more than just bears

While our products were originally designed and manufactured with the idea of keeping bears out, we have discovered that they have a multitude of applications. Most BearSaver products will not only keep bears out of your trash, recycling, and food – but they’ll also keep out other pests. This includes raccoons, squirrels, foxes, ravens, and rats. If you live or work in an area where critters are common, then BearSaver products will help keep any hungry scavengers at bay.

Unique features of bear-proof containers

BearSaver has spent years understanding bear behavior so that we can make containers that will keep bears and other wildlife out. We combined our knowledge of metal fabrication with the expertise of wildlife biologists to design a line of products that are both effective and easy to use. Our receptacles offer animal-proof top-loading doors and many include pocket-style self-closing touch latches that are simple for human operators but beyond the capabilities of bears. We manufacture our containers from corrosion-resistant steel and apply a textured powder coat that gives our products the ability to withstand the harshest conditions inside and outside. 

BearSaver is the #1 choice for bear-proof containers

BearSaver is the #1 choice in the nation for bear-proof containers. We offer more than 75 different products suitable for many applications including residential, commercial, municipal, private, and Homeland Security. What makes us unique is that we’re not a reseller or a middleman. We design and manufacture our own products in our facility in Ontario, California. We also continue to work with wildlife experts to expand our understanding of bear behavior so that we can expand our product line. BearSaver ships to every bear-habituated state and province as well as to those that just have other critter problems.

Contact BearSaver today

Would you like to learn more about BearSaver’s line of bear-proof containers? Then contact us at 800-851-3887 or sales@bearsaver.com. Our Customer Service Representatives are standing by and eager to assist you. Contact us today!

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