Stay Safe From Fire with BearSaver Hot Coal Containers

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Sometimes, keeping campgrounds or other similar areas safe for people to enjoy requires more than installing bear-resistant trash receptacles. In fact, those who enjoy these outdoor spaces frequently build fires to help to enhance their experience. While these fires provide a great source of warmth and heat for cooking, they also pose a potential hazard if the used coals are not disposed of properly. For this reason, BearSaver also offers a line of hot coal containers to help keep campgrounds and other similar areas safe.

How are Hot Coal Containers Used?

Using a hot coal container is easy. When done with the fire, camper simply scoop up the coals with a shovel or other fire-resistant tool and dump the coals in through the top of the container. No other steps or prep work is necessary. When it is time to empty the container, you simply open the back service door and swing out the inside container. In this way, the container not only helps to prevent potential fire hazards, but it also helps to reduce maintenance costs.

What Types of Hot Coal Containers are Available Through BearSaver?

BearSaver offers two sizes of hot coal containers. These include:

Both models are backed by a one-year warranty and feature hinges, handles, striker plates and hardware that are all coated with zinc for corrosion resistance. Both also boast heavy-duty piano hinge door handles that use stainless steel pins along with housing and doors that are made from heavy gauge, corrosion-resistant steel. The housing and doors are also finished with a textured powder coat process, creating a finish that is resistant to fog, humidity, salt spray, ultraviolet rays, chemicals and abrasion.

While standard colors for the hot coal containers are red and black, other colors are available upon request. In this way, you can create a more customized look that suits the needs of your business or organization.

Where Should Hot Coal Containers Be Placed?

Hot coal containers should be placed in an area where those who use them can easily access the container while also maintaining a safe distance from flammable objects. The area around the hot coal container should be free from debris, including dry leaves and brush. The container should also be located a safe distance away from structures and campsites. At the same time, the container should be located in an area that can be easily accessed so campers and other individuals will not have to struggle to get the coals into the container.

Before removing the coals, care should be taken to ensure they have had time to properly cool. The collected coal can then be used for fertilizer or it can be mixed with water and lime to create an insect repellent. Ash can also be used to make lye soap or to shine silver.

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