Collect Waste in Style with the BearSaver Hid-A-Bag Series

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When it comes to bear resistant trash receptacles, BearSaver is pleased to be able to offer a variety of different designs and styles to meet the needs of various organizations, businesses and individuals in need of tamper-resistant receptacles. The Hid-A-Bag series is one line of bear-resistant receptacles that is particularly popular among those who are looking for a receptacle that is both attractive and easy to use.

What Makes the Hid-A-Bag Series Special?

The Hid-A-Bag series of bear-resistant receptacles is different from many other models on the market in that it is shaped at an attractive 60 degree angle. Not only is this eye-catching, but the design remains unobtrusive while also being easy to access when throwing away trash or items in need of recycling.

How Are Hid-A-Bag Receptacles Serviced?

The Hid-A-Bag series features side-opening rear doors that make it easy to access the waste inside when it is time for removal. Even better, it features a tilt-out bag rack that comes complete with a rigid frame from which plastic bags are suspended. Once the bag becomes full and ready for removal, it can be taken out of the receptacle with a simple lateral movement. This helps to prevent back injuries while also ensuring all of the trash is properly and effectively removed.

How Are Hid-A-Bag Receptacles Bear-Resistant?

Hid-A-Bag receptacles feature an animal-proof top that is resistant to all types of wildlife, ranging from bears to rodents. The door hinges are also made from heavy-duty piano hinge material and stainless steel pins, while the housing and doors are made from corrosion-resistant steel with a textured powder coating. The striker plats, hinges, handles and hardware are also coated with zinc, which makes the product resistant to salt spray, humidity, ultraviolet rays, fog, chemicals and abrasion.

What Sizes are Available Within the Hid-A-Bag Series?

The Hid-A-Bag series offers several different sizes to meet your needs. 32 gallon varieties include the following:

For those situations where 32 gallons is not enough, we also offer several 64 gallon models. These include:

If you need slightly more space for your trash collection, one of these 70-gallon models may be better suited to your needs:

Of course, there are also times when a 64-gallon capacity still simply is not enough, particularly for large campgrounds or communities with a central trash collection point. In this case, one of the 170 gallon models may be a better match for your needs. These models include:

No matter which size you choose, you can select from a variety of standard colors or take full advantage of the opportunity to choose a custom color instead.

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