Setting Up Bear-Resistant Waste Collection Spaces

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When it comes to setting up a bear-resistant location for waste in public space or within private communities, finding the right receptacles to do the job can be tricky. Not only do the receptacles need to be resistant to bears and other wildlife, but they also need to be built to last and attractive. After all, just because the receptacle is made to hold trash, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be a positive reflection of your business or community. At BearSaver, we are pleased to offer a wide variety of bear-resistant receptacles that can be used for any purpose. While there are many options from which to choose, our “Mini Depot” trash cans and recycle bins are an excellent choice for areas where community trash and recycling needs to be collected.

What are the BearSaver Mini Depot Receptacles?

The BearSaver Mini Depot receptacles are multi-stream receptacles that are designed to help you collect different forms of trash within one enclosure. Whether you are looking for a recycling center where users are encouraged to separate glass, plastic and aluminum or you want a waste center where trash and recycling are housed in one enclosure, our Mini Depot receptacles are just the answer. With this line of BearSaver products, you can choose between two different Mini Depots. These include:

  • BearSaver Mini Depot Recycling Enclosure MDYP-LL: Uses three 40-gallon rectangular trash cans for a total of a 120-gallon capacity. Designed to hold three separate recyclables. This Mini Depot features standard openings measuring 5”x5” each. The Mini Depot can be configured differently by simply changing the decals.
  • BearSaver Mini Depot Combo Trash/Recycling Enclosure MDYP-LL-X: Uses three 40-gallon rectangular trash cans for a total of a 120-gallon capacity. This Mini Depot features two 5”x5” openings with one 10”x5” opening in the center. While the two smaller openings are designed to accommodate recycling, the larger center opening is meant to accommodate trash.

Both models weigh 375 pounds and measure 48 inches wide by 45 inches high by 30 inches long.

How Do the Mini Depot Receptacles Keep Bears Out?

Both Mini Depot receptacles feature an animal-resistant baffle below the loading holes that help to keep the bears away while also preventing people from removing collected material. Both also feature animal-resistant top loading and separate service doors to help keep animals out while also protecting your back from being strained by lifting out waste. All BearSaver bins also come with a built-in locking hasp to keep the contents secure.

The BearSaver Mini Depot receptacles are also built to last with all handles, striker plates and hardware being coated in zinc for added corrosion resistance. In addition, the ADA-compliant enclosures feature heavy-duty stainless steel piano hinges, while the housing and doors are made from corrosion-resistant steel with a textured powder coat finish. This finish makes the enclosure resistant to humidity, fog, salt spray, ultraviolet rays, chemicals, and abrasion.

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