Safely Store Food with Bear Resistant Food Storage Lockers from BearSaver

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When camping or otherwise spending time outdoors where food will be enjoyed among the wildlife, taking the proper steps for safe food storage is essential. Not only will this help to ensure your food stays fresh and safe to eat, but it will also keep it from attracting wildlife or otherwise having your food taken or damaged by nearby animals.

Packing Your Food Safely

If you want to be self-contained with your food storage, you will need to be sure to pack all of your food safely away before you head outdoors. Non-perishable items can be saved in a plastic storage tote. To be effective against wildlife, you should select a tote that is durable, that closes securely and can be easily carried. Resist the temptation to purchase a tote that is very large. While this may hold more food, it will also be more difficult to transport or to find a place to stow away while camping.

For perishable items, you will need a refrigerator to keep the food cold and away from animals. If you are camping with an RV, you will likely have a refrigerator. Otherwise, you will need to purchase a portable fridge for longer trips. If it is a short trip, a cooler with ice may be sufficient. Care must be taken, however, to ensure that the cooler is bear-resistant or placed in a bear-resistant locker so the temperatures remain cool enough to keep your food safe for consumption.

Using Bear-Resistant Food Storage Lockers

To be absolutely certain your food is stored safely away, you might want to consider purchasing a food storage locker from BearSaver. At BearSaver, we have several styles and sizes available from which to choose.

For those who are interested in a model that can be used for personal use, the small food storage locker may be ideal. Weighing 201 pounds and measuring 28 inches wide by 43 inches tall and 28 inches long, the small food storage locker offers a 15 cubic foot capacity. This makes the locker the perfect choice to set up at individual campsites, at trailheads or even by your personal deer stand.

If you are trying to set up a camp area where a larger food storage capacity is needed, we also offer medium to large food storage lockers with a much higher capacity. Alternatively, you can take several of the small food storage lockers and bolt them together in order to create individual food storage areas all in the same area.

Regardless of the size that you choose to purchase, all of the BearSaver food storage lockers are made from high-quality, corrosion-resistant metal along with zinc plated steel components and hardware. Meanwhile, the BearSaver latching system utilizes a pocket style touch latch and spring bolt to help keep the doors securely in place while remaining easy to operate. The ADA compliant lockers are designed to be user-friendly while eliminating the need to pull heavy coolers in and out of the enclosure. Rather, the large cupboard-style doors provide for easy access to the coolers whenever items need to be removed or placed inside of them.

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