BearSaver is a Favorite of Our National Parks

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BearSaver is a Favorite of Our National Parks

BearSaver is the nation’s #1 choice for bear-proof trash cans, recycle bins, and food storage lockers. It’s also a favorite of many of our country’s most revered national parks. From Denali to Acadia and Glacier Bay to Everglades, BearSaver is helping visitors keep our protected natural spaces clean all while removing attractants that bears find irresistible. 

Tackling trash in Denali

Since 2016, Denali National Park has enacted a “zero-landfill” initiative to help turn trash into recycling. Given its remote location in the wilds of Alaska, park officials have to work harder than in other areas to divert recyclable materials away from local landfills. One key change they’ve made is to install 33 BearSaver triple-bin recycling containers. This allows visitors to easily separate aluminum, plastic, and glass into containers that are also designed to keep curious and hungry bears out. 

Locking up food in Yosemite

It’s not just trash that can attract bears in our national parks. Anyone hiking or camping with food is also at risk. That’s why the National Park Service chose BearSaver to install more than 300 Food Storage Lockers in beautiful Yosemite National Park. Not only did BearSaver provide the new lockers for the park, but we also removed the old lockers and installed the new ones in several locations throughout Yosemite Valley.

Designed in cooperation with the National Parks Service

BearSaver stands out from the competition because of our ability to both design and manufacture all our products right here in our factory in Southern California. We worked closely in cooperation with the National Parks Service Denver Design Center to create bear-proof trash cans and recycle bins with stylish designs. These are perfect for use in locations such as downtown city streets and visitor centers. The H/A Series in particular is ideal for use in high-profile projects.

State Parks love BearSaver, too

Our national parks aren’t the places where you’ll find BearSaver containers. State parks are also discovering that our products help to keep bears and other creatures out while helping visitors properly dispose of trash and recycling. In 2018, Tennessee State Parks installed more than 400 BearSaver recycling receptacles throughout all their parks statewide for visitors to use. That’s 56 parks! This was all part of an initiative called the “GoGreen With Us” program to divert waste from landfills and to increase awareness about the importance of recycling. The receptacles allowed them to create a recycling program with a uniform appearance at all the Tennessee State Parks so that guests are better informed about their options for disposing of their waste.

BearSaver has products to suit every need

Whether you need a large-scale bear-proof recycling solution or are simply a concerned citizen trying to become more bear-aware, BearSaver has a product to suit every need. We have a robust product line with more than 75 different bear-proof trash cans, bear-proof dumpsters, and bear-proof food storage lockers. You’ll find everything you need to remove the attractants that so often get our bear friends in trouble.

Contact BearSaver today

If you’d like to learn more about how BearSaver products can help you, then contact us at 800-851-3887 or Our team of experts is standing by to answer all your questions. Contact us today!

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