Protect Waste Carts with Bear-Resistant Cart Garages from BearSaver

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Many of today’s solid waste collection services utilize garbage trucks that lift and empty trash carts. In many locations, trash carts must be secured inside a metal bin. Reasons for placing carts inside metal bins include the need to secure the carts from theft, the need for an attractive look, and the need to keep animals out of the trash. At BearSaver, we are pleased to offer several different Cart Garage options that you can use to safely and attractively enclose your cart until pick up.

What is a Cart Garage?

Simply put, a Cart Garage is a metal bin that contains a trash cart that is compatible with automated pickup systems. The garage allows you to place the cart inside an enclosure when not being serviced. At BearSaver, we offer several different models of Cart Garages designed for carts of varying sizes and capacities. Each of these bins is bear-proof and rodent-proof, ensuring you do not have to worry about animals getting into your trash.

What Kind of Cart Garages are Available from BearSaver?

Currently, BearSaver offers four different Cart Garages from which you can choose. These include one with a 35-gallon capacity,  one capable of housing either one 65-gallon or one 95-gallon cart, one capable of holding three 35-gallon carts for a total of 105 gallons and one capable of holding three 65-gallon carts for a total of 195 gallons

Each of these Cart Garages is available in different colors and can be used for trash or recycling by simply changing the labels. In addition, each model comes complete with the standard trash carts needed to fill the garage.

When selecting the Cart Garage that is right for you, you will need to determine the capacity that you need for waste as well as the amount of space you have available for the garage. For example, while the smallest garage offers 35-gallons of waste space and measures 28 inches wide, 48 inches tall and 29 inches long, the largest has a 195-gallon capacity and measures 33 inches wide, 52 inches tall and 86 inches long. 

What Materials are Used to Create the Cart Garages?

As with all products offered by BearSaver, the Cart Garages are heavy-duty products that are designed to be both aesthetically pleasing and durable. These include stainless steel hinges and galvannealed steel cabinets. Each garage is made from corrosion-resistant, high-grade materials, and UV-resistant powder coat finishes. As such, they offer exceptional corrosion-resistance.  Contact us today to learn more!

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