Keep Trash Away from Animals with the BE Series from BearSaver

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At BearSaver, we are pleased to offer a wide variety of bear-resistant trash and recycling enclosures for you to use at your park or other outdoor setting. Our large-capacity BE Series, for example, contains both single and double configurations that are designed to hold anywhere from 70 to 140 gallons of waste. The ADA-compliant design offers a number of features that reduce the risk of vandalism or theft while also preventing back injuries when removing waste.

Exploring BE Series Features

The BE Series of trash receptacles from BearSaver comes complete with tilt-out bag racks, allowing the receptacles to be emptied from the back. Meanwhile, the receptacles feature a separate animal-proof top-loading door. Thus, you do not have to lift the waste up and out of the receptacle when emptying it. 

In addition to keeping your waste safe from animals and making waste removal easy on your back, the BE Series of receptacles features stainless steel hinges and handles, latch covers, striker plates and hardware that are zinc-coated for corrosion resistance. Similarly, the housing and doors are made from corrosion-resistant galvannealed steel with a textured powder coat finish that is resistant to salt spray, humidity, ultraviolet rays, fog, chemicals, and abrasion. Standard powder coat colors include Forest Brown and Fir Green, though optional colors are available. 

Choosing the Right BE Series Receptacle for You

The BE Series of receptacles offers several single and double configuration models from which you can choose. Both the single trash and single recycling models weigh 176 pounds and measure 26 inches wide, 43 inches tall and 26 inches long. Three double configuration models are also available, all of which weigh 300 pounds and measure 26 inches wide, 43 inches tall and 48 inches long. These models are available for use as two trash receptaclestwo recycling receptacles, or combo units with one side for trash and one for recycling. 

When it comes to large-capacity waste receptacles for outdoor areas, you can’t go wrong with the BE Series from BearSaver. Our unique design ensures your trash and recycling will stay out of reach of animals, no matter how large or small, while also remaining resistant to harsh environmental conditions. Contact us today to learn more!

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