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Whether needed at a campground, picnic area or a trailhead, bear-proof storage lockers ensure food is safely stored away for human consumption without putting anyone at risk. In addition to keeping food easily accessible for human use, bear-proof food storage lockers help to keep bears away from those areas that are occupied by humans. At BearSaver, we offer several different bear-proof food storage lockers from which you can choose. Here is a look at some of the general features and benefits that these food storage lockers provide.

A Food Locker Built to Last

All of the food storage lockers available from BearSaver are built to last. Made from galvanized steel, they can withstand the abuse of all outdoor elements – everything from weather to bears and even human use. Each model also features a UV-resistant powder coating along with zinc-coated hardware, which further helps the enclosure withstand even the harshest of weather conditions.

Retrieve Food Easily with Your Food Locker

While there are differences among the various food storage lockers available from BearSaver, all of the models are designed to be user-friendly while remaining resistant to animals. With their large, cupboard-style doors, you can easily insert all of the food that you need into your food storage locker. The doors also easily accommodate large coolers, allowing you to put the entire cooler inside of your locker in order to keep the contents cool. At the same time, the lockers offer enough overhead space that you do not need to remove the cooler every time you need to open the lid in order to retrieve the food or drink inside. For added convenience, the doors are designed to be shut with just one hand by simply swinging the doors closed when done

Latching Made Simple with the BearSaver Food Storage Locker

Of course, a food storage locker is not worth much if it does not latch securely and easily. All of the food storage lockers available from BearSaver utilize a pocket-style touch latch with double spring bolt actuation. This self-closing touch latch is very simple to use and is both ADA Compliant and Universally Accessible in terms of reach, height and pounds of operating force. Yet, it is designed in such a way that a bear cannot release it. For added durability, the latch is also composed of zinc-plated steel components and hardware.

Choosing the Design that Suits Your Needs

Since food storage lockers are needed for a variety of different reasons, BearSaver offers them in different sizes to meet those needs. The intermediate sized lockers are 15 and 20 cubic feet, making them the perfect choice for use at smaller campsites and trailheads. On the other hand, the 24 and 30 cubic food lockers are large enough to hold the food supply for an entire family including two large ice chests. Regardless of the size, the food storage lockers are available in black, forest brown, olive green, fir green or sky blue with customizable color options available. Visit our food storage locker page for more information!

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