Exploring BearSaver Trash Enclosures for Residential Use

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As a homeowner living in a part of the country where bears are common, having the proper bear-resistant trash cans and enclosures is essential. Otherwise, not only will you regularly find yourself with a mess to clean from the bears, but you are also inviting unwanted visitors to your residential streets. Therefore, for both your safety and the safety of the bears, you must purchase containers that will help to keep the bears at bay. At BearSaver, we are pleased to offer a variety of different bear-resistant trash cans and containers from which you can choose. Here is a look at a few of your options.

Single Trash Can Enclosures

 At BearSaver, we offer two different single trash can enclosures. The RCE130F model is designed to hold a 30-gallon trash can while the RCE132F model is designed for a 32-gallon trash can.

Regardless of the size, both of these models are available in black, forest brown, olive green, fir green and sky blue, with custom colors also available. Each enclosure also comes complete with a Rubbermaid can, a flip open top lid for easy loading, and a large front door to help make unloading easier. The 30-gallon model also boasts a slimmer profile while both models can be bolted side-by-side for added capacity. The 30-gallon model weighs 165 pounds and measures 21 inches wide, 43 inches tall and 29 inches long while the 32-gallon weighs 197 pounds and measures 28 inches wide, 43 inches tall and 29 inches long.

Double Trash Can Enclosure


If one trash can enclosure is not enough to get the job done or you don’t want to bolt together two singles, BearSaver also has double trash can enclosures made for residential use. While both the RCE230F  and RCE230G  were designed to be used with 30-gallon trash cans, the basic design and look of the two enclosures are slightly different.

Both of the double trash can enclosure options are available in the same colors as the single trash can enclosures. Yet, while the RCE230F can be bolted together with other similar models in order to increase overall capacity, the RCE230G model boasts a gabled roof. The special roof design is not all about looking good, however, as the design is also good for snow loads.

Both of the BearSaver double trash can enclosures come with Rubbermaid trash cans for use with the enclosure. The REC230G model weighs 281 pounds and measures 36 inches wide, 48 inches high and 28 inches long while the RCE230F model weighs 226 pounds and measures 34 inches wide, 43 inches high and 28 inches long.

Triple Trash Can Enclosure

BearSaver also offers two different triple trash can enclosures designed for residential use, with the RCE330G  offering the gabled roof design and the MD365  being designed to hold a significantly larger amount of waste. While the RCE330G holds three 30-gallon trash cans, the MD 365 holds three 65-gallon trash carts. The RCE330G model weighs 335 pounds and measures 51 inches wide, 48 inches high and 31 inches long while the MD365 weighs 1070 pounds and measures 33 inches wide, 51 inches high and 86 inches long.

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