Bear Encounters on the Rise – What You Can Do to Help

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Bear Encounters on the Rise – What You Can Do to Help

Bears are incredibly smart creatures. If they find a food source, then they will remember that location and visit again and again – often in greater numbers. Unfortunately, if that source is created by nearby humans failing to secure trash and food, then that can lead to a spike in bear encounters. In Vermont this year, the state is experiencing its worst year for bear encounters in recent memory. In 2011, there were 135 bear encounters for the year. In 2022, there have already been 700 reports of bear incidents and the year is only halfway through. The number one cause of this increase is humans not securing trash and food attractants. Unfortunately, this can often lead to property damage, injury, or even death – especially for the bears involved. Here’s what you need to know to help keep bear encounters with humans to a minimum.

Never intentionally feed bears

We know that bears can be cute and particularly photogenic. But you should never intentionally feed a bear so that you can get a good picture, or for any other reason. Once a bear has found food in a location, it will visit again in search of another good meal. This creates problems for you and anyone else that visits the area. It also creates “problem bears” that become a nuisance in a community.

Never leave other attractants available to bears

It’s not just your trash that attracts bears. There are other things at your home or worksite that can attract bears, too. If you use an outdoor grill, then be sure to clean and store it after each use. If you like to feed the birds, then hang feeders at least ten feet from the ground and six feet from tree trunks. Also, do not feed birds from March through November when bears are most active. Don’t add meat or sweets to your compost pile and don’t leave any pet food out overnight.

Never stack garbage outside of the container

When it’s time for trash collection, never stack garbage outside of the container as it will attract bears. If you don’t have a bear-proof container, then store your garbage and recycle bins inside a garage or shed until trash day. And if you have curbside pick-up, wait to put your trash out until the morning that it will be collected.

Always use bear-proof trash cans and recycle bins

The best way to minimize bear encounters is to responsibly throw out your garbage using bear-proof containers. BearSaver offers many residential and commercial options to suit your needs, and many of our containers are also animal- and rodent-proof. With more than 75 different bear-proof trash cans, bear-proof dumpsters, and bear-proof food storage lockers to choose from, you can feel confident that you are removing all bear attractants from your location.

Contact BearSaver today

Would you like to know more about how BearSaver products can help you minimize encounters with bears? Then contact us at 800-851-3887 or BearSaver is the largest bear-proof container supplier in the world and we’re here to help you make decisions with confidence. Contact us today!

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