10 Tips to Bear-Proof Your Home

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10 Tips to Bear-Proof Your Home

Welcome, fellow homeowners in bear country! Living close to nature brings its share of excitement, and that includes our adorable bear neighbors. To ensure harmony and prevent any unwelcome encounters, we've put together these 10 simple yet effective tips to bear-proof your home. Remember, these tips not only safeguard your home but also help preserve the natural habitat of bears. By minimizing human-bear conflicts, we can foster a more harmonious coexistence. Let's get started!

Secure your trash (and keep the aromas at bay)

Bears have an incredible sense of smell, so start by securing your trash cans in sturdy enclosures or bear-resistant containers. Make sure to clean the cans regularly to minimize tempting odors.

Say no to bird buffets

Bird feeders can attract bears, so it's wise to hang them at least 10 feet off the ground and 4 feet away from any structure. Consider using bear-resistant feeders or remove them during bear season.

Lock up the barbecue

After enjoying a mouthwatering barbecue, make sure to clean the grill thoroughly, disposing of any leftover food or grease in a secure container. Bears can't resist the scent!

Seal all entry points

Inspect your home for potential bear access points, such as loose screens, gaps under doors, or broken windows. Seal them up promptly to prevent curious bears from inviting themselves in.

Say goodbye to fruity fragrances

Avoid leaving sweet-smelling items, such as ripe fruits or scented candles, near open windows. Bears have an incredible sense of smell and may mistake these for a scrumptious treat.

Let there be light (and noise)

Install motion-sensor lights around your property to deter bears from venturing too close. Similarly, loud noises like wind chimes or even a radio can help keep them at bay.

Compost with care

If you have a compost pile, avoid adding food scraps or anything with a strong odor that could attract bears. Opt for a compost bin with secure latches instead.

Build a garden fortress

Create a sturdy fence around your garden to discourage bears from munching on your veggies. Electric fences can also provide an effective barrier in certain situations.

Use tree defense tactics

If you have fruit-bearing trees, consider using netting to protect the fruits. Prune branches that provide easy access for bears to climb and access your property.

Educate and encourage your neighbors

Finally, spread the word! Share these bear-proofing tips with your neighbors, fostering a sense of community and ensuring everyone takes steps to keep our surroundings bear-friendly.

Contact BearSaver today

Remember, it's crucial to protect bears as much as it is to protect ourselves. By bear-proofing our homes and making our spaces less enticing, we can foster coexistence and ensure the safety of both humans and bears. If you’d like more information about BearSaver products and how they can help you, then contact us at 800-851-3887 or sales@bearsaver.com. Our Customer Service Representatives are eager to answer all your questions and help you make the right decision with confidence. Contact us today!

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