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Bear Proof to Rodent Proof - A Hard Look At Animal Capabilities

Bear-proof. It’s an easy phrase to understand and the phrase most commonly used in this unique industry. Here at BearSaver, we use the phrase "bear-resistant” because we know that nothing is bear-proof if it's not used properly. But, for the sake of internet searches and overall name recognition, "bear-proof" works just fine.

Fabricating bear-proof trash cans and food storage lockers was a natural transition for us as a company. We've been making heavy-duty steel enclosures at our facilities for over 25 years and have vast knowledge and experience dealing with material strengths, corrosion resistance and superior finishes.

Here at BearSaver, we brought together two diverse disciplines. One was something we already possessed - a successful metal fabrication company with resources to explore a new industry. The other was the help of wildlife biologists and bear experts with a vision to make things better by removing attractants. When these two disciplines united, BearSaver was born.

It’s important to note that we don’t distribute or re-sell bear-proof products made by others…we create them. Designing and making our first bear-proof containers was a unique challenge for us, not in a fabrication sense but in the sense of understanding the capabilities of the animals you’re trying to keep out...and the species are many. Over the years our customers have had to deal with many types of animals - bears, raccoons, squirrels, foxes, ravens, …you name it. Even the smallest deer mouse had to be addressed. So yes, most of our products are now rodent proof as well.

Again, we're not just a middle-man distributor or internet reseller. They try to make a buck in a market they only pretend to understand, just like the many companies that copy us. We did the research and the footwork and our customers demand the real thing. We are serious about using our animal-resistance expertise to solve real-world animal-resistance problems in the market. Here's a fact no one else can claim: BearSaver worked with top Wildlife Biologists for almost two years to understand bear capabilities BEFORE our first product was brought to market. And, we have continued to work with wildlife professionals for well over a decade now, seeking and utilizing their expertise as we have expanded our product lines. This is why we are the most respected (and most copied) manufacturer of bear-resistant products in the world.

With a robust product line featuring over 75 different bear-proof trash cans, bear-proof dumpsters and bear-proof food storage lockers, we have everything you need to remove the attractants that so often get our bruin friends in trouble.

We take our work seriously and encourage proper use of our bear-proof products at all times. BearSaver is the largest bear-proof container supplier in the world, with products shipped to every bear-habituated State and Province …and a lot of places with just critter problems!