BearSaver - Large Food Storage Locker, ADA Compliant  - FS30-UP

BearSaver - Large Food Storage Locker, ADA Compliant - FS30-UP

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BearSaver - Large Food Storage Locker, ADA Compliant - FS30-UP

ADA Compliant 30 Cubic Foot Capacity Food Storage Locker


With extended legs to meet ADA Guidelines, our largest and best selling food storage locker, the FS30 has a full 30 Cubic feet of interior space to accomodate large families on extended stays.

With the capacity to hold the largest of coolers and lots of dry provisions, this big locker removes the worries associated with keeping food in your car overnight.

Proven with years of reliable service, BearSaver food storage lockers are the #1 choice of the National Park Service and United States Forest Service.

Not only bear resistant, these food storage lockers are also rodent resistant.


BearSaver Food Storage Lockers

BearSaver Bear-Proof Food Storage Lockers are rugged, high quality metal enclosures designed for safe and convenient food storage in campgrounds, picnic areas and trailheads. Our intermediate sized lockers are 15 (FS15) and 20 cubic feet, which are perfect for smaller campsites and trailheads. The 24 (FS24) and 30 (FS30) cu/ft lockers are large enough to hold an entire family’s food supply including two large ice chests. 

The BearSaver latching system uses a pocket style touch latch with double spring bolt actuation on its standard enclosures. Our pocket style, self-closing touch latch is composed of zinc plated steel components and hardware. A child safety release handle on the inside of the enclosure is provided. The design is very simple for users to operate but is beyond the capabilities of bears. It has a clean, attractive appearance and is ADA Compliant and Universally Accessible  in terms of height, reach and required pounds of operating force. 


  • RODENT RESISTANT - Rodents pose a risk to health and safety. Not only bear resistant, these food storage lockers are also rodent resistant.
  • BearSaver lockers use galvaneeled steel on the entire cabinet for superior corrosion resistance. Competitors use steel plate which will rust over time.
  • A child safety release handle on the inside of the enclosure is provided.
  • The latch mechanism is proven and reliable. It uses two slam latches that recess securely into the reinforced cabinet. The left door is captured by the right door thus eliminating the need for extra latches. 
  • The easy-to-use latch lever requires no squeezing or gripping. It is actuated by simply inserting your four fingers into the pocket-style latch cup and pushing upward.
  • The latch mechanism assembly, located on the inside of the right door, is completely shrouded to protect against contamination and binding.
  • BearSaver lockers have alternate mounting options. They can bolted to a cement pad or mounted on our unique pole mount system in case there is not hard surface available.
  • The backside of the doors are reinforced with a galvaneeled steel "hat" section to provide extra rigidity.

BearSaver Food Storage Lockers are designed for user friendly, accessible operation to ensure a consistent, high level of animal resistance. Large cupboard style doors ensure easy access for even the largest coolers. With enough room inside to open the cooler lids, the need for pulling heavy coolers out of the enclosure is eliminated, thus preventing back injuries. The doors can be opened with one hand and can be shut by simply swinging them closed. Constructed of  galvannealed steel to withstand the abuses of weather, animals and campers, the BearSaver Food Storage Locker is designed to last for years. Using UV resistant powder coating and zinc coated hardware, these enclosures are meant to withstand the harshest of environments.


All handles, striker plates and hardware are zinc coated for corrosion resistance. The stainless steel door hinges are heavy-duty piano hinge material. The housing and doors are made from corrosion resistant steel and are finished using a textured powder coat process. The finish is resistant to humidity, salt spray, fog, ultraviolet rays, abrasion and chemicals. Standard powder coat colors are Forest Brown and Fir Green. Other colors, such as camel or tan for hot weather areas are available upon request.


  • Product Name BearSaver - Large Food Storage Locker - FS30-UP
  • Manufacturer Name BearSaver
  • Item # FS30-UP
  • Weight 350 lbs
  • Assembled Width 48 in
  • Assembled Height 47 in
  • Assembled Length 37 in
  • Shipped From Ontario, California 91761
  • Warranty 1 year