Exploring BearSaver Trash Enclosures for Residential Use

Posted by David Moore on

As a homeowner living in a part of the country where bears are common, having the proper bear-resistant trash cans and enclosures is essential. Otherwise, not only will you regularly find yourself with a mess to clean from the bears, but you are also inviting unwanted visitors to your residential streets. Therefore, for both your safety and the safety of the bears, you must purchase containers that will help to keep the bears at bay. At BearSaver, we are pleased to offer a variety of different bear-resistant trash cans and containers from which you can choose. Here is a look at a few of your options. Single Trash Can Enclosures  At BearSaver, we offer two different single trash can enclosures. The RCE130F model is designed to hold a 30-gallon trash can while the RCE132F model is designed for a 32-gallon trash can. Regardless of the size, both of these models are available in black, forest brown, olive green, fir green and...

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Keep Food Safe with Food Storage Lockers from BearSaver

Posted by Steve Thompson on

At BearSaver, we offer several different bear-proof food storage lockers from which you can choose. Here is a look at some of the general features and benefits that these food storage lockers provide.

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