Make Cleanup Easy with the BearSaver Dog Waste Receptacle

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According to the 2017-2018 National Pet Owners Survey conducted by the American Pet Products Association, 68 percent of American households own a pet. This amounts to approximately 85 million families. The survey also found that the number of households with a dog far outweigh those with a cat, with 60 percent of households having a dog and just 47 percent having a cat. Overall, this same survey found that nearly 90 million dogs have a home in the United States, with Portland, Oregon being the city with the highest percent of dog ownership.

Being the proud owner of a dog offers many benefits. For example, research has shown that dog ownership can improve your health, in part because of the physical activity involved with caring for a dog but also due to the stress-relief provided by canine companionship. Research has also shown that owning a dog helps to improve one’s social life, as it helps to increase your social network while also helping to keep your existing relationships strong. On the other hand, dog ownership does come with a hefty set of responsibilities. In addition to providing veterinary care, feeding and walking your dog, you also have to deal with cleaning up after your canine companion.

As the owner or manager of a business or organization where people may frequent with their dogs, it is important for you to find ways to help address this issue. After all, most pet owners are willing to take on the responsibility of caring for their pets, but certain conveniences need to be in place in order to help facilitate this care. This is where BearSaver comes in to help you accommodate the needs of your customers or visitors.

Addressing the Needs of Dog Owners in Your Parks

When dog owners take their dogs out for walks in parks or other public space, finding effective methods for collecting the waste is key to keeping the parks clean and hygienic. To help encourage dog owners to clean up after their pets, it is essential to have a proper receptacle in place to collect the waste in a safe and efficient manner. At BearSaver, we are pleased to offer a viable option for addressing this need.

With the BearSaver Dog Waste Receptacle, dog waste can be easily disposed by dropping it into the chute. The animal-resistant enclosure then keeps the waste safely secured inside, thereby keeping your park safe and clean.

Of course, we also understand the need to maintain the right aesthetic within your park. Our attractive dog-waste receptacle is available in many standard colors including black, forest brown, olive green, fir green, and sky blue. If needed, we are happy to customize the colors and the design in order to best suit your needs.

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