Keep People and Wildlife Safe with Hot Coal Containers from BearSaver

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Hot Coal Containers are essential when it comes to providing a safer environment for parks and campgrounds. By placing hot coals in the top of these containers, the coals are safely stored away so they cannot lead to forest fires or otherwise hurt people or animals in the area. Thanks to the unique design and construction of the hot coal containers available from BearSaver, our Hot Coal Containers are safe, easy to use, and help to reduce maintenance costs.

Enjoying High-Quality BearSaver Construction

The Hot Coal Containers available from BearSaver are made with zinc-coated or stainless hardware, striker plates, handles and hinges that help to make the container resistant to corrosion for a long service life. In addition, the bins are made from galvannealed steel finished with a textured powder coat process, resulting in a finish that is resistant to salt spray, humidity, abrasion, ultraviolet rays, and chemicals. Servicing is also made easy with the rear service door, making the process of removing the inner fire-proof liner and the coals it contains a snap.

Choosing the Hot Coal Container That is Right for You

BearSaver offers two Hot Coal Container models:

  • Small, ADA-Compliant Hot Coal Container (Item #HCC-S): Weighs 205 pounds and measures 21 inches wide, 43 inches tall and 34 inches long. Features corrosion-resistant steel construction, zinc-coated hardware, and stainless steel piano hinges.
  • Large, ADA-Compliant Hot Coal Container (Item #HCC-L):  Weighs 260 pounds and measures 26 inches wide, 48 inches tall and 42 inches long. Features corrosion-resistant steel construction, zinc-coated hardware, and stainless steel piano hinges.

Both models are available in a choice of standard powder coat colors. Custom colors are available upon request. These Hot Coal Containers are backed by a one-year warranty. 

Using Your Hot Coal Container

Once you have selected the hot coal container that is best for your purposes, there are a few general rules of thumb that you should keep in mind:

  • Keep the container away from any other combustibles
  • Place the container where hot coals are likely to be created, such as near campgrounds and picnic areas
  • Handle coals with care when transferring them to the container
  • Allow plenty of time for coals to cool within the container before attempting to remove and dispose of them

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