BearSaver Introduces New Line of Receptacles

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BearSaver is pleased to announce the introduction of the HA-CH series. By combining the best features of two of our most popular models – the BearSaver HA Series and the BearSaver CE Series - we are able to offer an innovative new line that is sure to meet the needs of our customers!

Exploring the BearSaver HA Series

The BearSaver HA Series offers a number of features that our customers enjoy. For example, this series offers a versatile cabinet that is ideal for using add-on materials to change the appearance of the receptacle. The HA Series is also a popular choice for those who want to install recycled plastic wood siding or a custom laser cut motif to the receptacle. These features make it possible to create a highly-personalized appearance that is well-suited to the setting where the receptacle is used.

Exploring the BearSaver CE Series

While the HA series is popular for its ability to be personalized, the CE series is popular for its easy-to-use chutes that can be used for either trash or recycling. Not only are these chutes easy to open by simply pulling on the handle, but they self-close when the handle is released. In addition to the functionality of the chute, the CE series is also bear-resistant and ADA compliant.

Introducing the HA-CH Series

The HA-CH series combines the versatility of the HA series cabinet design with the easy loading function of the CE series chute. Thanks to the stylish design, this animal-resistant series is ideal for placement in parks, resorts, next to visitor centers or any other location where appearances are important.

In addition to offering the ability to feature custom designs, the HA-CH series offers all of the same characteristics that you have come to expect from BearSaver products. These include:

  • Zinc-coated hardware, striker plates and handles
  • Hinges made from heavy-duty stainless steel piano hinge
  • Housing and doors made from corrosion-resistant steel and finished with a textured powder coat process

Thanks to these features, the receptacles are resistant to humidity, ultraviolet rays, salt spray, fog, abrasion, and chemicals. The receptacles are also vandalism-resistant, while the top-loading door is animal-proof.

Built with uncompromising craftsmanship, the HA-CH series comes complete with a rigid 40-gallon liner. Thanks to the separate service door, you do not have to lift the contents up and out in order to remove them from the container. This helps to prevent back injuries while also ensuring the contents remain properly in place within the container.

The HA-CH weighs 147 pounds and measures 24 inches wide, 52 inches high and 24 inches long. A double version of this new design is under development and will be available soon. Standard colors are black, forest brown, olive green, fir green and sky blue. Custom colors are available, as are custom laser cut graphics and recycled plastic wood siding for an extra charge. Contact us today to learn more!

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