Bear-resistant Cart Garage

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If you are looking for the perfect bear-resistant cart garage to meet your needs, BearSaver has several options available. Here is a look at just a few.


The BearSaver Bearier™ - Residential Trash Cart Enclosure (Item #RCE195F) is capable of holding one standard 65-gallon receptacle or one 95-gallon poly cart, which is included with purchase. Featuring a flip-open top lid for easy loading and a large door in the front for unloading, the cart enclosure is specifically designed to minimize back strain. In addition, both doors feature the BearSaver animal-proof latch, ensuring animals of all sizes will be unable to get inside. 

Backed by a one-year warranty, this bin measures 35 inches wide, 59 inches tall and 39 inches long. 

The BearSaver Bear Resistant Cart Garage (Item #RCE135F) combines a residential poly cart with an attractive bear-resident enclosure, making it perfect for use where automated cart pick up is in use and where critters are likely to be attracted to the waste. Common places of use for this enclosure include parks, city streets , and municipal buildings. 

Available in 35-gallon, 65-gallon, and 95-gallon sizes, BearSaver cart enclosures are made with high-grade materials and finishes including stainless steel hinges, UV-resistant powder coating, and galvannealed steel frames. Backed by a one-year warranty, the enclosure boasts exceptional corrosion resistance even in the harshest environments. The 35-gallon enclosure weighs 287 pounds and measures 28 inches wide, 48 inches tall and 29 inches long.

Capable of holding three 65-gallon carts for a total of 195 gallons, the 195 Gallon Outdoor Trash/Recycle Bin (Item #MD365) offers the perfect combination of aesthetics and heavy-duty construction. Made from corrosion-resistant recycled materials and high-grade finishes, the bin remains resistant to corrosion in even the harshest environments. The bin comes complete with three 65-gallon rolling poly carts. The bin is also backed by a one year warranty and measures 33 inches wide, 51 inches tall and 86 inches long.

The 105 Gallon Triple ADA Compliant Bear Resistant Cart Garage (Item #MCG335) holds three 35-gallon poly carts for a total capacity of 105 gallons. Featuring ADA-compliant loading doors, this cart garage is designed to be easily used with automated cart pickup services. At the same time, the patented pocket latch ensures the cart garage is tamper resistant so animals cannot get inside. This makes this bin perfect for use with municipal buildings, city streets, and parks. 

This model, which is backed by a one-year warranty, comes complete with three 35-gallon poly carts. The aesthetically pleasing design is also corrosion-resistant, as it is made from high-grade materials and finishes such as stainless steel hinges, UV resistant powder coat, and galvannealed steel frames. This cart garage weighs 400 pounds and measures 27 inches wide, 57 inches tall and 66 inches long.

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