BearSaver - Large Grizzly Poly Cart - PCE95-G

Item: #PCE95-G

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BearSaver - Large Grizzly Poly Cart - PCE95-G

Grizzly Bear Resistant, 95 Gallon Rolling Poly Cart. Steel reinforced, push-to-close latching system.


Grizzly bear version includes back stiffener and corner reinforcements.

Designed for manual and semi-automated service. Can be used for automated service by unlatching cart the morning of service.

Also rodent resistant, these trash / garbage cans and recycling bins will keep all animals out of the contents, large and small.

Bear Resistant Residential Poly Carts

As the largest supplier of bear resistant enclosures in North America, we have taken the next step to address residential bear issues using our years of experience dealing with large hungry animals.

The new BearSaver Poly Carts come in a variety of sizes and colors. Designed specifically for manual and semi-automated collection systems, these carts will keep your refuse safe and secure in any environment. Our patented latching system is easy to use and will provide years of dependable service. With our unique push-to-close latch, a feature found on all BearSaver products, we don’t leave it up to the homeowner to remember to re-latch the container or deal with cumbersome thumb-clips.


All steel components are zinc coated and/or powder coated for corrosion resistance.

The Grizzly Model

A fully secured cart offering the maximum level of protection. Bear resistant latch, steel reinforced side rails, lid, back corners, back stiffener and handle area. Perfect for heavy bears like grizzlies.


  • Product Name BearSaver - Large Grizzly Poly Cart - PCE95-G
  • Manufacturer Name Bearsaver
  • Item # PCE95-G
  • Weight 65 lbs
  • Assembled Width 28 in
  • Assembled Height 46 in
  • Assembled Length 31 in
  • Shipped From Ontario, California 91761
  • Warranty 1 year